Is the iPhone 5 the best selling iPhone ever?

It comes as no surprise that the iPhone 5 has been a runaway success for Apple and has been flying off the shelves since its September release. Although initially speculated whether the iPhone 5 could beat the sales record of its predecessor, i.e. the iPhone 4s, It now seems that the iPhone 5 has had the strongest start sales-wise in the U.S.Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 11.22.30 AM over any previous iPhone.

The iPhone 5 managed a record of sorts by selling out 2 million units in the first three days of its availability in China. It appeared that China had become a more lucrative market than the US. However, the latest sales figures tell a different story as in the US at least, over the last 12 weeks the sales of the iPhone 5 have accounted for 53.3% of smart phone sales overall.

Google’s Android share of the US smartphone market fell though, down from a 52.8% share over the same 12 weeks in 2011 to 41.9% at the end of November 2012, down 10.9%. Meanwhile RIM’s fortunes continued to slide from a 7% share in the same period last year to only a 1.4% share for BlackBerry devices this year.

This goes to show that you can never take Apple lightly. Isn’t that right, Google?

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