Is the new iPad going to have MagSafe Connector?

The recently Photos registered at the US Patent office suggest that the MagSafe connector already used on MacBooks will also be a part of the next generation of iPads. Apple is planning to launch an iPad 2 soon. It is possible that Apple might add the Magsafe connector in new iPad.

The MagSafe power connector, which holds the power cord in place magnetically so that it pops easily free if the cord is pulled suddenly, has been a feature on the last few models of the MacBook, and a new patent filing indicates the feature will be incorporated into the new version of the iPad.

According to report, Apple has uncovered this sketch from a filing for a rectangular MagSafe connector that seems to be designed with the next generation of iOS devices in mind. MacBook owners know the MagSafe can really come in handy if someone trips over a cord, since it keeps the computer from potentially being
pulled onto the floor, so this could be a welcome addition to the new iPad models.


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