iSeekLaw [Review]

These days when we get frustrated from not finding the right information we rely on technology to help us. What should you do if you wanted an attorney? You should rely on “iSeekLAW”. This new App in the App Store under the ‘reference’ category is an App. The goal of the App is to find attorneys closest to you. Which may not seem help enough since there are directories which would do the same, but with this app you will be able to find an attorney most feasible as well.

This app is as simple as the name ‘iSeeklaw’ is. It is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is fill in a simple form as to which area you want the attorney. Then select the field from the various options such as criminal, personal, real estate and so on. Once done, there are sub options like Personal-car accidents, medical malpractice etc. Finally you can search for legal assistance in your area or fill in the lawyer details in the form such as name, age, work experience, which isn’t advisable since too many filters do not give too many options or any options at all for the chosen area. The best way would be to select “search for all” options instead of the heavy filters.

Although the app is very helpful in finding the attorney, it does not give any insight on the legal system in any area. So one is clueless about what action to take apart from taking help from the attorney. Having said that, it helps you reliably if you use the least number of filters. You can bookmark the search options for further references. The winner hereon is, you can connect with your search option (attorney) through your device itself. Anytime, anyplace, any problem is an appropriate tag line for the app.

Price: Free
Category: Reference
Size: 1.4 MB

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