Issue With iPhone 4S And China Mobile SIM Cards Confirmed

China Mobile Sign

New issues regarding iPhone 4S are cropping up in China. Apple has confirmed that some people are experiencing compatibility issues when putting a China Mobile SIM card in the new iPhone 4S. China Mobile itself has also confirmed this issue.

The list of symptoms is varied but connectivity issues are the main problem in all cases. There are reports of users being unable to activate their handsets. Some users are claiming to be unable to connect to the network completely.

Apple has reportedly discovered the cause of the problem, and is working hard to fix this problem. has reported that there may be a temporary and manual fix that users can try right now. This fix includes changing the iPhone’s network settings and then upgrading to Apple’s 9A406 release of iOS. This is a temporary solution. Nobody knows how long will it take create the fix that would solve the problem permanently.

It is yet to be know whether Apple will roll out a separate fix for this particular issue for China Mobile users, or whether iOS 5.1 will arrive in near future with this fix included.

Source: iDownload Blog

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