iSuppli vaults iPad projection for 2011

Here, one research firm has foretells its projected sales numbers for the iPad over the next couple of years based on increasing availability.

Research firm iSuppli just released a very optimistic look into the future, one that paints a very rosy picture for Apple’s iPad. Well, by pressing on its figures on the growing availability of components, iSuppli forecasts iPad sales of 43.7 million units in 2011, a major increase from the firm’s previous estimate of 36.5M. Despite the expected competition from Android tablets, the estimate for 2012 is 63.3M units, up from 50.4M.

According to Rhoda Alexander, director of monitor research for iSuppli, explained the new numbers. “The only constraint on shipment growth now is production—and not demand.” She added, “Despite ongoing yield issues, Apple’s suppliers have steadily increased monthly production to meet Apple’s demand. Production rates are now on target to meet the expected strong fourth-quarter sales.”

From customers to retailers to Apple executive and also analyst are expecting the demand is likely to remain high over the coming holiday shopping season, only time will tell whether the original iPad will face serious competition from new tablets in 2011.


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