Italian Court Rejects Samsung’s Plea To Ban iPhone 4S Sales In Italy

iPhone Italy

After the initiation of a court battle over covers and cases to store gadgets, the feud of Apple and Samsung has returned to the court battle where the two have accused each other of infringing each others’ patents.

Apple has another feather in its cap this time.

Samsung has failed to obtain an initial ban on the sales of iPhone 4S.

Samsung had tried and failed to block the release of iPhone 4S in Italy back in October 2011. So far Samsung has had no success in its pursuit of sales injunctions against Apple’s handset.

The feud between dates back in 2011 Apple and Samsung when a ban was imposed on the sales of Galaxy Tab in Australia. Apple had accused Samsung of copying the design of Galaxy Tab from iPad. The ban had been overturned in late November 2011. However, Galaxy Tab was released after 9 December 2011 because Apple had obtained a stay order on the implementation of verdict lifting the ban. Apple appealed for more extension but its plea was rejected. This was the second victory of Samsung in Australia.

Apart from two victories in Australia, though Samsung failed to get iPhone 4S banned in any country, it did score an upper hand over Apple in some European courts (even though Samsung got embarrassed in most of the European courts) and United States, where Apple’s plea to ban the sales of Samsung tablets and phones in USA was rejected.

Samsung has also been taking digs on Apple on various social networking forums lately.

Considering the fact that Samsung has been defeated by Apple most of the times (including recently in France and a partial victory scored by Apple in Germany), it would be interesting to watch what will happen when the court battle between Apple and Samsung returns to Australia in March 2012.

Source: TUAW

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