ITC Awards Apple Another Victory Against HTC

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We have been informing you about the legal conflicts that Apple has had with Samsung and Motorola on regular basis. You may find it difficult to keep a track but Apple has also been locking horns with HTC as well and scarring victories over HTC.

The International Trade Center (ITC) has dismissed HTC’s final complaint against Apple. Unless the manufacturer from Taiwan (HTC) wins an appeal, this is the end of a two year lawsuit involving HTC and Apple.

FOSSPatents reported:

“In October 2011, an Administrative Law Judge made an initial determination that identified no violation [from Apple] of four of HTC’s asserted patents. HTC had originally also asserted — but meanwhile withdrawn — a fifth patent. HTC asked the Commission, the six-member decision-making body at the top of the ITC, to review the ALJ’s preliminary ruling. In December, the Commission granted a review, but with respect to only one of the patents.

Today’s ruling terminates the investigation with respect to the sole remaining patent. HTC could appeal the ITC’s final decision to the Federal Circuit, but that may not be a good use of its resources because it looks that this case is fundamentally weak.”

This lawsuit had been filed in in response to Apple’s original patent infringement suit that it filed against HTC back in 2010. Since then, the legal battle between Apple and HTC has been going on and on and on.

Right now, HTC should focus on boosting the sales of it handsets that has been declining lately. By the way, HTC’s Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung has admitted indirectly that iPhone is better than android phone.

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