ITC Judge Says Motorola’s Wi-Fi Patent Violated By Apple

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In a series of legal battles between Apple and Motorola, Motorola has scored another victory over Apple, this time in USA, after getting iCloud banned in Germany.

On Tuesday, 24 April 2012, a judge with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled against Apple, saying that Motorola did, in fact, have one of its patents violated by Apple. The patent in question is related to 3G technology.

However, the judge did not side with Motorola, on three other alleged patent infringements by Apple. Despite winning just one of four legal arguments, Motorola was happy.

“We are pleased that the ALJ’s initial determination finds Apple to be in violation of Motorola Mobility’s intellectual property, and look forward to the full commission’s ruling in August,” Becki Leonard, a spokeswoman for Motorola Mobility, said while responding to verdict.

Apple has planned an appeal against this verdict and the company is ultra-confident that this week’s ruling in favor of Motorola would not stand. “A court in Germany has already declared this patent invalid, so we believe we will have a very strong case on appeal,” Kristin Huguet, an Apple spokeswoman, told Bloomberg.

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