It’s a thumb up for iPad from HBO.

Apple’s iPad will have movies and shows from HBO. The other party who was there was Netflix, which was supposed to be known as the rival company of HBO’s GO service, since the later came to market.

At this moment a green signal from HBO to provide service to the iPads through video streaming. HBO did not considered Netflix, an online video streaming service.

“There is a value in exclusivity,” and that people would “pay a premium” for it”, said the HBO Co-President Eric Kessler.

HBO group plans on making its shows and movies available online through its own HBO Go service. HBO Go is presently a streaming web service that offers 800 hours of HBO TV and Movie content to current subscribers at no additional cost. HBO Go will become available in the next 6 months for the Apple iPad and other mobile devices.

Advent of such services, people will be eager to go for phone purchasing. Do you think people will subscribes to avail the services in the iPads?


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