It’s going to be a very Apple Christmas, others melancholy

Analysts are predicting a very happy holiday for Apple and a melancholy Christmas for its competitors. Will holiday shoppers be filling their carts with iPads and iPhones this year?

Apple sales report is hearts warming, but the numbers for iPads feel slightly short of expectations. Apple has aloft production as well as distribution, with iPads becoming available in several major retail chains in time for holiday shopping.

According to report from analysts at Deutsche Bank is very optimistic about Apple’s chances to hold onto its dominance of the tablet field in the face of competition. “The lack of meaningful competition in the tablet space and expanded channel distribution (Target, Walmart, etc.) entering the holidays will further extend Apple’s competitive lead / first mover advantage. The competitive response to the iPad has been remarkably absent and late (from HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung etc.) and we expect strong iPad demand into 4Q (additional countries / channels) to support share gains going forward, particularly as the international roll-out gains steam.”

Deutsche Bank expects the recently announced Verizon deal to significantly enhance Apple’s sales of iPads and iPhones this Christmas season.


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