It’s official, the Apple iPad has hit planet earth!

We all knew it for months in some way, but now we know for sure. Apple has released a tablet and it’s called the iPad.

Think of the iPad as a big iPhone or iPod Touch on steroids, a hell lot of steroids. It seems to run a more advanced version of iPhone OS and contains most features of the iPhone combined with the useability of Mac OSX. For people who expected a full functioning Mac OSX tablet there will be a slight disappointment. But the availability of many Mac OSX style apps optimized for a multitouch interface take the blow very well. The iPad runs all iPhone apps perfectly but devs can build specific apps which are optimized for the iPad.

There seems to be an addition to iTunes and the App Store as well, iBook! This is a book store in coöperation with Amazon. (the guys who made the kindle eReader)


Another interesting fact is that Apple succeeded in porting iWork to the iPad with an amazing touch friendly result. This will be put to a great use in educational facilities, I see students taking notes on the iPad and the iPad replacing laptops in college.

There will be 3G available, but unlike the iPhone, this won’t be necessary to make the iPad function. All iPads will be unlocked and deals with international carriers may come in June. The iPad will be available within 60 days worldwide, 90 days for the 3G!

The specifications are :
Thickness : 0.5″
Weight : 1.5 pounds
Display size : 9.6″ IPS
Display type : Full capacitive multitouch
Storage : 16-64Gb
Processor : 1Ghz Apple A4 chip (Apple built their own CPU)
Connection : Bluetooth 2.1, Wifi 802.11n, 3G
Sound : Speakers, Microphone
Battery life : Up to 10 Hours
Extra’s : Accelerometer, compass
Price : 499$ (wifi only 16Gb), 599$ (wifi only 32Gb), 699$ (wifi only 64Gb), 629$ (wifi+3G 16Gb), 729$ (wifi+3G 32Gb), 829$ (wifi+3G 64Gb),

Here are some more images (source: engadget) :

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