iTunes 10.6.3 Released

iTunes 10.6.3

The rumor of Apple launching new version of iTunes has come true. But iTunes has a different name instead of iTunes 11.

Apple has launched a public version of iTunes 10.6.3 that can be downloaded directly from Apple’s Web site. It can be installed on any Windows or Mac OS X computer.

The updated iTunes has been deemed as jailbreak safe. If you are running a jailbroken iOS device, no adverse effects will occur if you use it with the updated iTunes.

As more iOS 6 betas are released with bug fixes, more iTunes releases will be made available. However, it is likely that these versions will remain under the hood for developers since there will be no need for the public to use beta versions of iTunes.

At the moment, nothing significant seems to be included in the new iTunes release. However, it is recommended that you keep your software up to date though. The update will automatically make its way to Apple Software Update shortly.

Click here download the latest version of iTunes.

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