iTunes 1080p Video Comes Close To Blu-ray Quality

Apple TV iTunes 1080p Video

Ars Technica has done an extreme close-up analysis of video quality from iTunes 1080p downloads and compared it with the same title on a Blu-ray. The verdict? Blu-ray still takes the title of best-looking HD format. however, the iTunes version is very close to Blu-ray quality.

It is a dramatic improvement from the old 720p downloads the iTunes Store used to offer. Even though it does not quite measure up to the picture quality on a Blu-ray disc, it might be close enough for most people.

Ars pointed out that Blu-ray discs offer other features that iTunes still does not offer. For example, special features, commentaries, and uncompressed audio tracks (which is a big deal for music lovers with high-end surround sound systems). On the other hand, Blu-ray discs definitely cannot match the convenience of iTunes downloads, which can now sync High-Definition (HD) content to all of your devices with a single click.

Have you experienced the quality on Apple TV? Share your opinion with us.

Source: TUAW

Image Courtesy: Engadget

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