iTunes in the Cloud Makes an Entry in Germany

As noticed on a German site, Apple today made an entry path for iTunes in the Cloud in Germany which includes access to movies and television shows. Users can now download TV shows on their Apple Tv along with playing any paid content bought by them.


Before this update, iTunes in the Cloud in Germany was restricted to apps, music and e-books although movies could be bought from iTunes. Apparently, Apple has also updated the terms of service in the country in order to indicate new content offerings but their respective pages are yet to be updated.

iTunes in the Cloud enables users to download previously purchased content, it was released back in June 2011 in the United States. Since the launch, Apple has been working towards the increase in reach of movies and television shows to more countries. Currently, a good number of countries have iTunes in the Cloud access to movies, while television shows are limited to five countries.

Previously, Apple had expanded iTunes in the Cloud in August 2013 adding movie support in European countries including Austria, Italy, Switzerland along with Japan in the list. [Google Translation]

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