iTunes In The Cloud Supports Fox Movies

20th Century Fox Television

Few months ago, there were reports about Apple rolling out iTunes Match and iTunes movies in the Cloud to a number of new countries. However, it turns out that Apple still seems to be hard at work with its updates.

Recent reports are coming in that movies by 20th Century Fox are finally showing up in the Purchase tab of iTunes. This allows users to re-download them via iCloud.

Fox and Universal films were previously barred from being re-downloaded as content restrictions prevented users from doing so. Negotiations between HBO and Apple must of fell through at some point and this would have caused the issue in the first place. It is not much of a surprise that Apple has been running into issues with companies wanting to go on board with its iTunes in the Cloud feature.

Regardless, it looks like the content seems to be opening up for users everywhere.

Are you happy to see Fox movies and Universal movies available? Which movies are you going to redownload? Post your comments.

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