iTunes Match Available In 17 Countries

iTunes Match

When iTunes Match was released internationally on 15 December 2011, some people claimed online that apart from countries announced by Apple, iTunes Match was also available in some countries that were not announced by Apple. Apple users in those countries were able to access iTunes Match services, much to their own surprise.

Thus, Apple has posted a support article to back up the recent silent roll out of iTunes Match content internationally. iTunes Match has been available in the United States since November but last week some other countries started to see it appear too.

The article confirms that iTunes Match is available is now available across seventeen countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Another thing that was confirmed was the content that would be available through Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud service.

iTunes in the Cloud allows users to download content they have already purchased through iTunes onto different devices. iTunes in the Cloud covers content such as Music, Music Videos, TV Shows and Books. iTunes Match also has a table that confirms exactly what is available, on the basis of your location.

Source: TIPB

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