Apple Working To Fix iTunes Match Bug That Matches Explicit Songs With Clean Versions

iTunes Match

Are you listening to music from some artist like Snoop Dogg (wonder why he spells his name like this)? Surprised that the song does not have any offensive word? This is happening due to the bug in iTunes Match.

Some online reports have publicized a bug in iTunes Match that matches explicit tracks to clean versions (all offensive and derogatory words like the “F” word censored). The problem is with Apple’s iTunes Match software. Sometimes this software is unable to distinguish clean versions of a track from explicit versions due to slight differences. Apple is working to fix this issue.

Eddy Cue, the Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services in Apple received an email about the issue a couple of weeks ago. The mail-sender received a response from one of Eddy Cue’s engineers. The engineer said Apple was investigating the issue and working on a fix. Apple has no interim workaround for users of the iTunes Match service, the email elaborated.

For those who do know about iTunes Match, it is Apple’s $25 a year iTunes service that matches ripped tracks to iTunes quality and keeps everything in the cloud, saving the space of your Mac or iPod or any iDevice as you would not need to keep those songs in your device.

Source: 9TO5 Mac

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