iTunes Match Supports Both Streaming And Downloading Of Music On iOS 6

iTunes Match

Last year, there was some controversy over whether or not Apple’s iTunes Match service supported streaming of music or just downloading files.

As it stands, iTunes Match appears to play songs as they get downloaded. This is an issue of semantics. However, all that will change in iOS 6.

Apple ‘n’ Apps noted that in the iOS 6 beta, iTunes Match has become a full-on streaming service. Songs can be downloaded or streamed. Streaming will be the default playback option:

iTunes Match has become a streaming service in the beta. We confirmed it, by playing a few songs, then turning off iTunes Match, and seeing that the music folder then had no music. In iOS 5, the few tracks you listened to are stored. The various playlists, artists, and songs also drop the cloud icon next to them, and those are reserved for the album view, and a little bit off to the side.

iTunes Match costs $24.99 per year. It matches songs in your iTunes library to those in the iTunes Music Store.

What are your comments about this latest change in iTunes Match. Share with us.

Source: Mac Rumors

Video Source: Apple ‘n’ Apps

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