iTunes U Has Come For Your iPhone And iPad

iTunes U

On 19 January 2012, Apple Inc made a big announcement at the education event. People were expecting Apple to make some big contribution to education with their technology. And Apple did not disappoint them.

Apple announced the launch of iTunes U for the iPhone and iPad.

The Catalogue is laid out exactly like the App Store and iBookstore. Everyone is already familiar with how to browse it and subscribe to courses. In iTunes U library, you will find all the courses you are subscribed to and the look would be similar to the bookshelf in iBooks.

Inside a course, you will find all the info an instructor chooses to share about the class. That would include include catalogue information and the course outline, structure, and syllabus. Instructors can also make posts to the course with more information about lectures, complimented by documents and videos. Additionally, students can take notes in a designated area of the course page and quickly access all course materials.

How are you planning to use iTunes U for your education or your ward’s education? Post your comments.

Source: iMore

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