Jailbreak News: Malleus ports iOS 12 Lock screen with jail-broken iOS 11

An iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR, already familiar is with 3D Touch-based Camera and Flashlight with shortcuts of both left and right sides to Lock screen. With the latest versions of iOS, shortcuts make a tactile ‘clicks’ when actuated sound.

Unfortunately, a jailbreak is not for iOS 12, but uses a jailbroken installation of iOS 11, emulate sounds heard on iOS 12.1. This is while shortcuts with a new free jailbreak tweak. This is with malleus by iOS developerSam Gardner.

As learned at first with tweaks Cydia, there is no perfect sound matches and comes bundled iOS 12.1. Nevertheless, shortcuts added a character with previous firmware versions, good enough reasons using it.

Even users without larger handsets are without edge-to-edge displays, iPhone 8. This is due to one taking an advantage of malleus. Thus with one working well in tandem has another jailbreak tweak. This is known as HomeGesture ports has shortcut devices rectangular LCD displays.

Thus with right out of the box, malleus ‘just works;’ with options in configuration of installation of the tweak from Cydia, with a great way which makes jailbroken handset standing out the crowd.

If there is an interest with malleus, then gives a try with own device, where one download it for free with a repository known as Cydia’s, Big Boss. The tweak thus plays nicely with jailbroken iOS 11 handsets.

With an appreciation of subtle sound Lock Screen’s 3D Touch-based Camera, there are Flashlight with shortcuts installed due to malleus?