Jailbreak Tweaks That Duplicate Features in iOS 5

Subsequent to the eventual list of new features in iOS  5 as expected, it is time for Apple to be obliged to the jailbreak community. Nevertheless, Apple has had its eye on the Cydia’s leading edge for quite some time now irrespective of whether jailbreak apps are affecting Apple or not.

Therefore to keep you informed we give you a list of the jailbreak twists that are photocopied as features in iOS 5:



LockInfo, Notified, MobileNotifier, IntelliScreen

A new dashboard view permits you to see all of your notifications in one place. Push notifications are now displayed in a more low profile way. Changes in alert styles for incoming notifications can be made and also direct how notifications work together with your lock screen.

Android has also inspired Apple very well mainly in the Notification Center HUD. Similar to Google’s notification panel, users are capable of assigning widgets and including several other widgets that have previously been made by third party developers. This functionality of the widgets reverberates a whole lot like Widge, an project that Peter Hajas (dev of MobileNotifier). Peter Hajas was earlier hired by Apple to work on iOS.

The SBSettings has worked on the iPhone for years and one among them is the notification showing “pulldown” sign in iOS 5. SBSettings is one of the top charms of the jailbreak community, and is accessible for gratis in Cydia.

Apple on the brighter side has evolved by permitting you to modify notification actions for single apps in the Notification Center. The facility to let you choose how many notifications a definite app can display, can help you maintain the inevitable clutter that will exist after a day of push notifications.



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