Jailbreak unrestricted for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

There is good news for users looking for an iOS 4.1 jailbreak for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, now there is an answer with limera1n, a supposedly buggy beta from infamous software developer Geohot.

With this new release update, Geohot has beaten the iPhone Dev Team and the Chronic Dev Team. Earlier, the limera1n only works on the Windows operating systems and lets users run unsigned codes to gain access to the Apple iPhone firmware. The capability allows users to utilize unapproved installers, thereby making applications that were not offered on the Apple App Store available.

The Rival developers alleged that limera1n will re-lock iPhones. There have also been reports that the jailbreak has not undergone proper testing and may cause problems with the current firmware of devices.

As of the moment, Apple’s legal counsel is making the argument that the jailbreak is a copyright violation.


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