Jailbreaking iPhone 4S And iPad 2 With RedSn0w [TUTORIAL]


Now that there is a method for downgrading A5 devices, many people will be looking for an easy solution to jailbreak their devices.

If you are not comfortable with Absinthe jailbreak tool, RedSn0w may suit your taste.

That is why, here give you an easy tutorial that would shows you how to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 using RedSn0w 0.9.11b1:

The video shared on this page tells you how to do it. Now we will explain the procedure step-by-step. This is a tried and trusted method but due to some unknown reason, if it does not work for you, The Apple Bites will not be responsible for the unexpected outcome. You are doing this at your own risk.

Your device must be on iOS 5.0.1 to use this tutorial. You can downgrade to iOS 5.0.1 if you have your SHSH blobs saved for iOS 5.0.1. Our tutorial on downgrading would help you.

STEP 1 – Connect your A5 device to your computer and run RedSn0w 0.9.11b1.

STEP 2 – Click jailbreak. You will see an info window appear.

STEP 3 – On your iPhone, you will notice a new profile window. Tap Install > Install Now > Next (no password) > Done.

STEP 4 – After STEP 3, you will see another info window via RedSn0w.

STEP 5 – Enable the VPN option in Settings. The jailbreak will be triggered the moment you do enable this option.

STEP 6 – You may notice VPN errors. Just ignore them. The device will reboot. Once it reboots you will notice Cydia on your Home screen.

Done! Now your device has been jailbroken. There is no Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode involved or anything like that. Thus, this is one of the easiest jailbreaks to accomplish. It works pretty much the same as the Absinthe jailbreak. However, its Corona implementation a little more reliable than Absinthe. This was performed on a Windows machine, but it works exactly the same on a Mac.

Did this procedure work for you? Post your comments.

Source: iDownload Blog

Video Source: iDownload Blog

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