Jailbreaking iPhone, earns upwards $50,000 a year [Successful]

Here is the amazing story of one student at George Mason University. The student known as Kevin Lee, doing his final year computer science make $50,000 per annum through hacking iPhones. Nobody who have though that jailbreaking iphone would such great opportunity.

Kevin Lee was even profiled nationally yesterday in The Washington Post because of his successful and lucrative operation. “To be honest, when I first started, I did it for my friends, myself, but it has snowballed from there, Lee said.

“I was getting five to 10 customers a week, now it’s 30 to 40. I just had one customer from the Mongolian embassy who was moving to the capital of Mongolia, and he wanted to use the iPhone there.”

MMi co-founder Kyle Matthews:

“We’ve seen expansion across the board. The Toyota ad and theme, to me, meant there was a turning of the tides and that jailbreaking is becoming more mainstream,” Kyle said. “The industry just keeps increasing; there are even repair stores that will jailbreak for you.”

According to Jay Freeman, Founder and operator of Cydia:

“The whole point is to fight against the corporate overlord.”
“This is grass-roots movement, and that’s what makes Cydia so interesting. Apple is this ivory tower, a controlled experience, and the thing that really bought people into jailbreaking is that it makes the experience theirs.”

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