Jailbreaking-its all up to you!

All cheer to jailbreakers in their success in jail breaking iPhone 4 and iPad. All jail breakers rejoice at it should celebrate for a double bonanza as the latest iOS4 jail break that has been updated.

Sorry to put a pause at the time of celebration with a note of warning for all jailbreakers as jailbreaking can lead to voiding the warranty of your device. Jail breakers should be cautious in working with jail breaking your device because when something goes wrong, you are sole responsible for the same. So you better proceed with little cautions.

If you feel uncomfortable better stay out of this process. But if you are determined to involve yourself in the process of jail breaking your devices then it’s always good to go for some research on jail breaking. And if you are not confident enough, better you don’t.

If you had made up your mind then the first thing you should do before any modification is to back up your devices through connecting your iPhone or iPad to iTunes and sync. When anything goes wrong in the process you will be able to restore your file back by simply syncing. So, lets get started.

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