JamPlay: Hard Hitting Guitar tutorial App

JamPlay Guitar Pack By JamPlay, LLC

Price: $1.99
Category: Music
Updated: Mar 03, 2011
Current Version: 1.1 1.1
Size: 11.4 MB
Language: English
Seller: JamPlay, LLC
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

JamPlay app replace the boring books and cassette tapes or (scratched) CDs for guitar learning. This guitar tutorial app is a fantastic combination of libraries, exercises, reference libraries, utilities and entertainment. All in one, easy to use app.

The app consists of three main categories: Videos and Lessons, Reference Libraries and Utilities.

Videos and Lessons contains libraries of lick and riff instructional videos, entertainment and exercise library. The Lick & Riff library contains a plethora of blues & rock licks and blues riffs. Played at the intended speed, then slowly explained how to play them, this is a great video resource for anyone who wants to learn a few cool licks. With 85 videos to pick from there is plenty to play along. If this a bit over your head at first, try out the exercise library. It contains integrated tabs and metronome. They’ll teach you how to build up timing and stamina by showing you how to do picking (fast & slow), chord progressions and right hand rhythm chops.

Reference Libraries contains a hefty chord library, accompanied by fretboard illustrations and a dial which allows you to choose from practically every variation of its chords.

The Scale Library is just as large, featuring scale diagrams for all diatonic and derived scales and the ability to choose which key you want the scale played in Once you practiced picking and a bunch of scales, you can jump right into the extensive scale library (42 scales!) and practice them until perfect; the app can let you hear the scales in different keys and shows a big graphic of the notes and frets involved in playing them. Are you more of a rhythm person; there are 1250+ chords on board for you to practice and use in your latest songs.

The app’s Utilities menu contains a large collection of “Jamtracks,” original music you can play along to, a very nice, customizable built-in metronome and a standard, built-in tuner. I feel the tuner could be more customizable, like the metronome e.g. allowing users to tune their instruments to different modes, detune etc.

The app is easy to use and pretty straightforward, even for guitar players and the graphical user interfaces. However, instructional videos from multiple points of view, are relatively short and can be hard to follow for beginners. The great thing about this app is the Exercise Library and its Jamtracks utility. Both are incredibly useful and fun.

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