Japan Will Enjoy iTunes Pass And Passbook-based iTunes Credit Refills At Apple Stores

Japan will enjoy a new service launched by Apple, iTunes Pass which allows users to go to an Apple Store in Japan, buy credit in-store for the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore, after which money will be applied immediately to the Apple ID account instead of requiring to receive a gift card and entering a redemption code. This new service for iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore will be availed by users in Japan with iPhones and iPod touch.

How iTunes Pass works is by installing a new pass inside the native iOS Passbook application which is a substitute to a physical gift card. The Apple Store employee will be able to scan the pass so as to apply credit to the Apple account immediately. Users will install the iTunes Pass feature in Passbook on the home screen via the iPhone iTunes Store App. This addition is Apple’s second first-party use of Passbook. Earlier, Apple opened up the feature of allowing Apple Store gift card to be stored in Passbook.

Use the iTunes Pass, you can now deposit directly to the account of the App Store or iTunes Store you. Go to the iTunes Store in the iOS device you have, if you tap “Use iTunes Card / Code” button and scroll down, you can get the iTunes Pass. 3 Please tell specialist that then, the Apple Store near you, you want to deposit into account. When you open the iTunes Pass from the Passbook, specialists will scan it, and accepts the payment. Balance is updated on the fly, available immediately.

iTunes Pass as a service indicates Apple’s move towards going paperless and streamlining mobile payments for future times. The feature of adding iTunes credit to user accounts with a quick scan of passbook passes will lessen the use of physical materials needed to produce gift cards. This shows bright prospects about Apple’s mobile payments plan. Earlier news pointed out that Apple is preparing an iTunes-based mobile payments service which integrates with Touch ID and Passbook. The ability to apply credits to iTunes accounts could be the first move towards bringing such functionality.