Jen Folse Leaves Apple TV to Join ‘Social Broadcasting’ Startup

The former Apple TV veteran who is much well known to Apple users and followers for her on-stage presentations at Apple events. She has however left the company for the startup Caffeine.

This social broadcasting platform, Caffeine, which is basically for gaming, entertainment, and other artistic content. Jen Folse will take the role as new Vice President of Product thereby helping the company to create its product idea and other things concerned.

The former Apple TV executive, had started her career at Apple as a senior product designer that was in May 2010. Where she played an important role in the development and release of four iterations of Apple TV. Also, Ben Keighran who happens to be another former employee of Apple, is the CEO of Caffeine, he had joined the company in 2012 when Apple acquired his app search startup Chomp and then in 2016 he left. According to Ben Keighran he said in a statement that;

“I worked with Jen for years at Apple, and could not be more excited to have her on board to shepherd our product experience, roadmap, and product design teams through the development process, She is a phenomenal product design leader and executor and I look forward to working with her as we grow the Caffeine platform.”

Meanwhile, Apple TV seem to be at crossroads in 2018 because in spite of its improvements, it still has some certain weaknesses and also a lack of developer engagement.
While, On the other hand, Apple is said to now be heavily involved in creating its own original programming, therefore it may launch its own Netflix-style subscription service of which could certainly help increase the sales of Apple TV.