Jesse Jane Catches Thief Stealing Her iPhone

Jesse Jane iPhone

Jesse Jane may have achieved a lot of fame by doing adult movies but one may not know her investigative side. With her good looks, she might have stolen the hearts of many red-blooded American young men. How anyone could have expected her to catch a thief?

But this is what she has done and due to that, this news report has been written.

Early on Thursday, 8 December 2011, Jane tweeted that her purse which also carried her iPhone had been stolen. She announced that she would use iCloud to catch the thief.

Through iCloud, Adult movie star traced the location of her iPhone in Hollywood and went to that place with some guys to take back her stolen stuff.

This whole new side of Jesse Jane as smart detective must have surprised her fans who cannot think beyond seeing her in bikini or in bedrooms.

About catching the thief, we would say, way to go girl.

Source: TIPB

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