Jewel of the Planet up for a brand war by N8

The world’s largest mobile making company Nokia has announced to launch the new smartphone. The new N8 model will be based on Symbian 3 operating system. This little genius would be competing with the huge Apple’s iphone(4.0 OS).

Already speculations have started that Nokia has invented the N8 only to be pitched against the huge success of Apple’s iphone(4.0 OS). The iphone 4.0 has 100 new features like multitasking support, improved email client service, Drag and Drop functionality and many more to mention. Analysts of the market say that it is the most advance mobile OS of the planet. Thus, a war to be the best, begins. Nokia came out with N8 powered by the symbian 3 operating system with features like HDMI support, a new 2D and 3D graphics architecture, and UI improvements.

In contrast to Apple’s dual Dual Core processor which will be soon powered by a 1GHz processor, N8 has powered by ARM11 680 MHz processor, which ran about 60 application at a time.

To make the smartphones look more smarter, iphone 4.0 is going to be dressed with new OLED based screen in its next generation iPhone with multi-touch and capacitive screen along with much higher resolution than present smartphones and to be complimented by dual camera in the new device for video conferencing. N8 is not too far behind in the race with its 12 MP Camera with HD Recording and Xenon Flash.

The competition among brands to provide the best innovated facilities which could be of best utility to “we – the people” will go on trying new and sophisticated technologies and the war seems never ending.

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