Jimmy lovine & Dr. Dre joining Apple after Beats acquisition

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Jimmy lovine and Dr. Dre, co-founders of Beats Electronics are anticipated to take up senior roles at Apple after the acquisition of Beats Electronics. They may not fill up full-time positions at Apple and accordingly they will travel to and fro from Los Angeles to Cupertino to attend meetings.

Though their roles are not clear, Jimmy lovine will be leaving his position as the chairman of Interscope Geffan A&M records. Both, Jimmy lovine and Dr. Dre are conjectured to work together towards boosting up the overall music sales of iTunes.

While Mr. lovine’s rock-star temperament could still ruffle some feathers in tech-centric Cupertino, it may help Apple broker deals in the music industry and appeal to the younger consumers who gravitate to Beats headphones.

Apple is working towards a complete makeover of iTunes in order to drive in more music sales. Beats which also provides a music streaming service is expected to add the proficiency of their service to iTunes, in turn introducing new revenue streams for Apple.

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