Jobs Planned Ventures for next Four Years

Steve Jobs

Apple Inc maybe going through troubled times due to the sad demise of Steve Jobs. However, being a man of vision, Steve Jobs had seen the future of Apple and had planned the production and release of forthcoming Apple products for next four years.

Steve Jobs maybe gone but he has left behind, his insights, wisdom and guidance to be followed by the professionals in Apple Inc that would take Apple Inc in a new era.

With new CEO Tim Cook, Apple Inc plans to go ahead with the projects planned by Steve Jobs with the team comprising of professionals handpicked by Jobs himself to make the dreams of Jobs come true. This team comprises of geniuses like Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller.

Are you ready to witness the new glory of Apple Inc in the forthcoming years? Will the team of Steve Jobs would live up to his expectations? Tell us in the comments section below.

SOURCE: I Download Blog

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