Jump For Joy When You Play Fat Jump Pro [REVIEW]

Fat Jump Pro

Year ago, Cartoon Network organized a contest in which Bluto (or Brutus as his name was changed later) had stolen Popeye’s spinach and audience had to suggest how send a map to Popeye that would lead Popeye to the place where Bluto had kept his spinach.

If you like some action and strategies aiming at finding something, then here is a game from Fat Jump Pro to entertain you.

Fat Jump Pro has been created by Sid On who have created apps and games for iPhone in past. Regular users of iPhone must be familiar with Sid On.

Fat Jump Pro

In Fat Jump Pro, you get into some vibrant ‘Jump up’ platforming action. To play the game, you have to help our green hero get his snacks back.

Once you download and start playing this game, you experience fast paced vertical arcade action. You collect coins and food to score points and dodge greasy obstacles who would create problems for you. You have to fight back against all obstacles and see how far you can go.

Fat Jump is a uniquely themed “platform to platform” arcade adventure this game would remind you classic games like Doodle Jump. Playing this game is addicting and surprising at the same time. While playing, you would need to tilt controls to face the challenge with guiding your hungry hero onto one platform after another as he continues on his endless journey upwards in pursuit of the Purple Monster (enter the villain) who has stolen his stock of snacks.

This game also conveys a message that parents today want to convey to their children. That is, it pays to eat healthy and stay active. In a time, where children are addicted to junk food, this game conveys a positive message in an entertaining manner.

Fat Jump Pro

The green hero of Fat Jump Pro jumps automatically, and it would be up to you (player) to make sure he lands safely on platforms, picks up all the stray fruits, vegetables, and gold coins he comes across, and avoids fast food disasters on the way up. If a burger makes your little green guy too fat to jump, then it spell “game over” for you.

Fat Jump has n number of levels, and allows players to trade in collected coins to get various upgrades that would keep the game fresh in addition to giving gamers the motivation to keep jumping again and again.

This game features a simple well designed User Interface (UI), cartoon graphics that are bright and soothing to the eyes of a gamer. The responsive controls allow you to put your energy into the game itself rather than on mastering convoluted gameplay mechanics.

Fat Jump Pro

Fat Jump is a nice game that teaches players from all age-groups to cheer for fruits, veggies, and all things healthy, and at the same time, entertaining them by giving them a fast-paced game to play.

Let us have look the features of this game:

1. Fat Jump Pro has beautiful and fantastic graphics.

2. This game features funny sounds to entertain you.

3. There are innumerable levels to conquer.

4. There are numerous achievements to unlock.

5. You would get plenty of chances to increase your powers.

6. Fat Jump Pro features an in-game store with upgrades and accessories.

7. This game can fully integrated with Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter.

8. The Online and Offline scoreboards are available.

The new version of Fat Jump Pro also has something to offer:

1. The tuning of jumping physics is would be more accurate.

2. There are new graphics for propeller.

3. There has been memory optimization for the 4th Generation iPod Touch.

Here is an official trailer of Fat Jump Pro:

Fat Jump Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

After watching the trailer and playing the game, did you enjoy it? Are you going to use this game to educate your children about healthy food? Share your feedback with us.

Click here to buy and download Fat Jump Pro.

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