Judge Rules In Apple’s Favor Regarding API Patent

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Apple has spent an estimated $100 million dollars on the lawsuits it has filed against Android products. However, it seems that results from the court victories like the recent International Trade Commission (ITC) court victory over HTC do not yield those results for Apple that Apple expects.

However, now there can be some good luck for Apple, thanks to a recent interpretation of Apple’s ’263 patent by a high-ranking US judge. The patent covers realtime Application Programing Interface (API) which is a key component in Android. Without API, it would be extremely difficult for Android device to work around if a manufacturer was found guilty of infringing on it.

Florian Mueller of FOSSPatents explained:

“In federal litigation with Motorola in the Northern District of Illinois, an extremely influential, high-ranking U.S. judge agreed with Apple’s interpretation of the most important term, “realtime API”, in its ’263 patent. Under this interpretation, Android most likely infringes on the patent, and a workaround appears difficult to say the least. I published the original infringement claim chart from Apple’s complaint against HTC, and Apple’s allegation, based on this patent, that Andy Rubin got the inspiration for Android while working at Apple (which might enable Apple at some point to have Google found liable for willful infringement).”

Andy Rubin (one of Android’s creators) was working at Apple during the time that it developed the ’263 patent. At that time, he was a low-level engineer that reported specifically to the inventors of the realtime API. Therefore, it cannot be a coincidence that Android contains a patent that Apple developed during Rubin’s tenure with the company?

This story seems to be interesting. It would be great to see what happens to Android now?

Source: iDownload Blog

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