Judge Calls Apple-Samsung 3G Suit Ridiculous

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Judge Annabelle Bennett is no stranger to Apple-Samsung litigation. She is the Federal Court of Australia.

Bennett has dealt with many disputes involving the two tech-giants for at least the past year. It would appears that she has grown a bit impatient, following a Samsung move that she’s labeled as “just ridiculous.”

According to a Bloomberg report, the trial began with Samsung’s attorney stating that Apple refused to pay a fee to license three patents related to 3G data transmission. Apple’s counsel, however, explained that Apple did offer to pay, but Samsung refused. Bennett responded by asking “why on earth are these proceedings going ahead?,” following up with “why shouldn’t I order the parties to mediation?” This is a question she expects to be addressed by the end of the week.

There does not appear to be any official ruling at this point, though the trial certainly isn’t off to a great start for Samsung. Ultimately, the the two companies may be forced back to the negotiating table, letting Bennett move on to other cases until the next patent rouse.

Source: Engadget

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