Jury Foreman Vel Hogan Speaks on the Apple Case Verdict

After being debated over across the globe the case has finally given Apple a verdict it could hear with a comfortable ear. Samsung on Friday had to bear the burden of more than $1 Billion in damages.This big blow initiated in 2010 when Samsung lit a spark with the release of its Galaxy smartphones and other products which Apple found objectionable as it seemed  they were meandering too close around the feel of the iPhone and iPad, let alone all the patent violations. The two rivals have been battling in courts around the world ever since.

Speaking with Emily Chang on Bloomberg, Jury foreman Vel Hogan speaks about his experience through the case. “Initially not all the jury men were clear about how to take this case ahead considering all the patents and the basis on which they are acceptable or not.” Mr. Hogan says of having an “Aha! moment” where he thought to himself that he would have defended this if it were his patent.The jury went through each patent meticulously as each one had a different legal premise and Samsung was declared to have infringed on various Apple designs and patents. The jury in San Jose, California stated that all of Apple’s patents at stake in the trial were valid.

This recent verdict has left Samsung disappointed and they utter this verdict not to be taken as a win for Apple but a loss for the American Consumer. As of now all that Apple could think in response is iWin?

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. Hi Deepti,

    Nice round up of the overall scenario. I am not sure which side I would fall on in this case though. I love Apple products and their commitment to user interaction. Trust me it is really hard to convince the customer that they want to spend money on making products “usable”. It is after all subjective and most of the times what you are interested in is getting the product out of the door. But any way Apple has led the way on the usability front and they should certainly be commended for that. Personally I do feel Samsung products are a rip-off of Apple design but the punishment feels a bit too harsh. And yes the consumer does suffer when it comes to these decisions because conglomerates like Apple start becoming invincible and ultimately arrogant.

    Cheers and keep writing!

  2. Hey thanks Praful for sharing your view in such an apt way. I feel pretty much the same. Yeah when it comes to usability, nothing is as effortless as Apple. And Samsung should have known that it’s products were bound to create some mess.
    There are countless innovations that have been adopted in general for the market to grow and such restrictions could mean lesser choice for the consumer. But it leads to other industries being forced to innovate.It could mean a lot of extra mind flexing begins.

    Yes, I shall keep writing! Your views would be well appreciated.
    Cheers to you too!

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