KeenLab teases jailbroken iPhone XS Max on iOS 12.1

Every time Apple releases a major new software update with iOS devices lines up – seems like talented security researchers over at KeenLab are the first to jailbreak it.

KeenLab demonstrated first a proof-of-concept jailbreak on iOS 12.0 in June and iOS 11.3.1 in April but seems the security firm has found a backdoor into Apple’s iOS 12.1 update, which released last week.

KeenLab security researcher, Liang Chen shared first the news via his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon, teases an image of a brand-new A12-powered iPhone XS Max with iOS 12.1 installed on it with proprietary exploits.

From the image, we discern iPhone XS Max runs in-house jailbreak app created by the KeenLab security researchers. It thus has released to the public, given a KeenLab reputation for previous proof-of-concept jailbreaks, it probably never will be.

Thus the jailbreak this time, such as untethered, semi-untethered, or tethered, but the first-known jailbreak validates on iOS 12.1. Citing Chen’s Tweet, KeenLab poised presenting details about jailbreak at the upcoming POC 2018 event this Friday.

Notably, a post on /r/jailbreak surfaced just one day ago offered $10,000 for an iOS 12.1 jailbreak is within the next 48 hours. Thus with a seemingly unlikely KeenLab sells its jailbreak with a particular buyer as tech companies often pay significantly often with higher exploits relevant to their systems. Still, the timing is rather uncanny.

With a true fact of jailbreak is, probably never see the light, always a great news because it confirms Apple’s latest and the greatest mobile operating system thus far is jailbroken which despite patched exploits and security improvements, Apple implemented in recent memory.