Keep Your Music At Right Volume With LouderLogic [REVIEW]

LouderLogic iPad

I could not be more happy to get an app like this. I love listening to music and this app is helps me to enjoy music even at noisy places.

McDowell Signal Processing (McDSP) has developed a new music app called LouderLogic. This app is an advanced audio player that gives you a smooth experience of listening to music.

This app enhances music, podcasts, and audiobooks with perfect volume balance, that also at maximum fidelity.

LouderLogic Screenshot

Till date, LouderLogic is the only audio player that features Audio Level eXtension (ALX) technology by McDSP. Through this technology, LouderLogic eliminates unwanted volume fluctuations between songs and helps listeners to hear the quiet parts of their music, books, and podcasts, even in noisy environments. This app is useful if you want to listen to music in the car, train, or airplane. It keeps all your music playing at the right volume.

McDSP has also improved audio for major motion pictures, music productions, and live performances worldwide for over a decade. Now you would be able to put some of the same advanced patent pending audio algorithms into your iPhone and iPad.


Following features are available in LouderLogic:

1. LouderLogic can automatically minimize volume variations in existing audio library by using ALX technology.

2. This app improves audio fidelity and listening enjoyment, even in noisy environments. You can enjoy music at any place that you like.

3. The app has sleek interface for browsing by playlist, album, artist, etc.

4. There are two ALX modes for music and audiobooks/podcasts, with automatic mode switching.

5. LouderLogic also features the system of Realtime ALX metering that shows the amount of audio level extension.

6. There is multitasking support for playing audio in the background.

7. Following features are in the new version of this app:

(i) Many bugs have been fixed.

(ii) The Remote Control support is available.

(iii) You can see “Now Playing” information displayed over Air Play.??I would like to remind the readers of this review to note that while LouderLogic maybe play back DRM protected music but it cannot apply ALX enhancement to DRM protected audio. Currently, DRM protected audiobooks cannot be played.

LouderLogic is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 4.2 or later. This app is in English.

So are you ready forget the world and fly in the sky of music.

Click here to buy and download LouderLogic.

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