Keep A Track Of Everything Through Trackwoot [REVIEW]


Is it difficult to keep a track of every product that you want to or need to buy? Are you fed up of Woot Off apps that promise notifications, usable interfaces and final relief to your F5 key?

Trackwoot is here for you. Does this name sound familiar to you? It should be. The makers of this app have launched it again. This time with some new features. This app provides notifications per site. There are four different sounds to help you identify the notification.

This app helps you decide whether is it a good deal to buy a product what you want to buy or the source from where you want to buy it. Apart from market price, it also tells you the shipping costs of a product.

Trackwoot is no Chuck Norris but its new features are no less than super-powers. You have seen a (and read) a lot about the super-powers that Chuck Norris has. Now let me show you the super-powers of Trackwoot that are not just awesome but also unbelievable.

1. The feature of PUSH NOTIFICATIONS is there! EVEN DURING WOOT!OFFS (when you REALLY want them).

2. This app can auto refresh every 30 seconds. However, this is not too important because when there is a new item, you receive a push notification that would reload immediately.

3. Apart from in-app sounds, there are user modifiable push notification sounds.

4. One tap buy is possible.

5. All the woot sites (minus moofi.woot in this version) can be seen on one screen.

6. Woot!Off time remaining estimates.

7. Obtaining detailed information on every product including Woot’s entire witty banter is possible with this app. Thus, you can have proper knowledge about a product before you decide to buy it.

8. Amount remaining on items during Woot!Offs can be seen.

9. There is a soon-to-be-awesome deal meter that can help you decide if this deal is worth it.

10. You can default your TrackWoot app to your favorite Woot! site.

11. You can totate or double tap the image to view in full screen.

12. Help screen can be seen on the first load.


Following are some upcoming features of Trackwoot. In the coming days, Trackwoot would gain following super-powers:

1. Seeing a notification by item name would be possible.

2. A pro add-on called BoC Autobuy will be featured in this app.

3. There would be special BoC Notification Sounds.

4. The app would feature a searchable archive (pro addon).

5. Seeing delayed notifications would be possible.

6. If the deal you want to finalize is goo, you would receive notifications.

7. Seeing notifications by category would be possible for you.

After seeing many awesome features, let us see what new things Trackwoot has got in Version 1.8:

1. Home.Woot has been added.

2. There are splash screen with instructions.

3. Many bugs have been fixed.

Trackwoot is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later.

So how does Trackwoot help you in being a smart and aware customer? Tell us in the comments section.

Click here to buy and download Trackwoot.

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