Kid done shopping with iPad

Today’s kid are revolutionize and tech-savvy or sometimes too tech-savvy. We can hear toddler went on buying app with her mom’s iPad. Not only that even so many school in US has adopted iPad for school going students.

Sienna Leigh of Sydney, Australia is already a pro on the iPad. Is learn that tot spent hours a day happily playing with the device and until one day her mom found something wrong. After Sienna went to bed, Lisa Leigh checked her e-mails and found receipts from Apple’s App Store for apps she didn’t remember buying, one of them for $17.

It all happen after her mom had purchased one game for Sienna and next time she was able to buy more without entering a password.

Sadly for sienna as for now she won’t be buying any more apps without her mother permission, since her mother turned off the iPad’s Wi-Fi and enabled Restrictions. At least not until she discovers shopping apps and learns how to use mom’s credit cards


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