Kitchen of 2040 will be controlled by iPad like devices?

It sounds nice when thing happens automatically, without you putting any physical labor.

An automatic kitchen has been predicted by the he Future Laboratory by way of Ikea with three scenarios of Elementara, the Skarp and the Intuitiv.

Elementara area in the kitchen will ‘encourage’ you to grow your own food. Instead of refrigerators food will be kept in ‘cold larders’ and recycling facilities will be ingrained into the kitchen.

Skarp is all about synchronized appliances, which will be controlled by an iPad-like device. The kitchen will also be self-cleaning, which sounds awesome, and mobile phone apps will control carbon emissions and thermostats.

And lastly is the Intuitiv area with LED lighting changing to suit how you are feeling, aromatherapy piped through the walls which is synchronized to help with different times of the month.

This kind of kitchen has been predicted and models are being prepared in labs. The iPad like devices will be the control room for such kitchen.

Will such time really come or it’s only a display of another technological or magical event, which shows to what extent technology can go.


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