Know Your Future By Asking Your Psychic Sidekick Jinx [REVIEW]

Jinx:Psychic Sidekick

As a lover of fantasy stories, characters with psychic powers fascinated me. My last brush with psychic powers was when I saw a scene in Smallville where Dr. Fate told Clark Kent that in future, he (Clark) would be the leader of all super-heroes.

Well, we may not have Dr. Fate here to tell the future but if you want to know your future, try Jinx:Psychic Sidekick.

Don’t worry! Asking questions would not jinx your future, if it could, I would not have tried it.

Jinx Psychic Sidekick

Just ask any question that can be answered in yes or no. Jinx will answer it. By the way, this Jinx is not Siri. So no point in asking the location of cinemas or fast food joints. Nor there is any point in asking Jinx to a date.

In fantasy TV shows, you would have seen magic balls telling the future or showing the future. In Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix, there were balls carrying prophecies. Now your answers are in this magic fate ball called Jinx.

Jinx Psychic Sidekick

This is a cute blue wizardly ball (first future telling ball that looks cute). Just ask your questions and get the answers you want. After you download Jinx: Psychic Sidekick, he will help you get the low down you want on everything from confirming juicy gossip, to predicting sports event and everything in between.

Jinx: Psychic Sidekick is now in the list of TOP 100 Entertainment app in the UK and Italy. It is ranking within the TOP 200 Entertainment apps lists in 12 other countries.

Jinx: Psychic Sidekick is the cutest psychic companion available on the App Store. This app fun and quirky recreational app which might just give you some insight into your own future! Jinx has the power to answer up to three “Yes or No” questions in a row for users before taking a ten minute break. Jinx is integrated with Facebook, sharing predictions with friends and family will always be easy. Just sign in with your Facebook account and ask questions. I asked Jinx whether the girl I love would accept my proposal. I would keep the answer to myself for personal reasons.

Jinx Psychic Sidekick

Jinx: Psychic Sidekick full version would give you more answers.

If you upgrade to the full version Jinx: Psychic Sidekick, there would be unlimited energy unlocked that would let Jinx answer question after question without ever needing to take a brea. The unlocking would cost you $0.99.

After upgrading Jinx: Psychic Sidekick, you can enable Cheat Mode and play tricks on your friends.

Upgrading to the full version of this app would also unlock its full pranking potential. It would be possible to rig the answers in advance, hand Jinx off to your friends, and enjoy the hilarious results!.The jokes you will play iwill be limited to your own imagination.

Jinx: Psychic Sidekick – the Magic Fate Ball has been developed by Sizzle Entertainment.

The new version 1.05 of Jinx: Psychic Sidekick – the Magic Fate Ball has many updates.

Jinx: Psychic Sidekick – the Magic Fate Ball is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This review has been written after the app being downloaded from app store and the app has been used on an iPad.

Click here to download Jinx: Psychic Sidekick – the Magic Fate Ball.

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