Know the Most Common iPhone Passcodes (Avoid Them)

Have you ever come across the line as ten most common iPhone passcodes? Here, an iPhone developer Daniel Amitay who has created an app called as Big Brother Camera Security- released the ten most regular iPhone passcodes which he considered by secretly tape and examine passcodes that has been utilize by the users of his app.

Here are the ten most common passcodes which are in the order of popularity; 1234, 0000, 2580, 1111, 5555, 5683 (spells LOVE), 0852, 2222, 1212, 1998, reports by Lifehacker.

Formulaic passwords are never a good idea, yet 15% of all passcode sets were considered by only 10 various passcodes (out of a possible 10,000). The implication? A thief (or just a prankster) could safely try 10 different passcodes on your iPhone without initiating the data wipe. With a 15% success rate, about 1 in 7 iPhones would easily unlock—even more if the intruder knows the users’ years of birth, relationship status, etc.

So does your passcodes present in the above 10 most common passcodes for iPhone?

[Via Lifehacker]

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