Lady’s Days: Quick and easy way to track your periods

Lady’s Days By Vitzu

Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Updated: Mar 30, 2011
Current Version: 1.0.4 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 4.1 MB
Language: English
Seller: Vitzu Ltd © 2010 Vitzu Ltd.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Lady’s Days is a great and easy way for tracking your periods. It says by having regular menstrual cycles is a sign that important parts of your body are working normally and whether you are trying to get pregnant or want to avoid pregnancy, charting your period is helpful

The app operates in portrait mode and opens to display a five-week monthly calendar. The user may go backward or forward and select any day. Touching the “+” button in the upper right opens the data entry page for that day. There is a Yes/No button to answer the question, “First day of cycle?” The Basal Temperature button opens the Apple picker (odometer) display, and the user may dial in any temperature from 95.0 to 103.9 degrees Fahrenheit. If no temperature is entered the reading defaults to 97.9 degrees. Last, there is an empty text field for notes.

Based on the data entered, the calendar employs various colors to display and predict Expected Menstruation, Menstruation, Expected Ovulation Day, and Fertile Time. Basal body temperature rises right after ovulation and stays higher by about 0.4 – 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit until a few days before the next period. The point graph offers a visual representation of the small fluctuations of temperature associated with the regular menstrual cycle. The bar graph compares the duration of monthly cycles.

Lady’s Days includes complete information on reproductive health and fertility. In the section devoted to Monitoring Temperature, it states, “Ovulation is the most fertile time during your menstrual cycle. Typically, ovulation takes place about 14 days after the beginning of a woman’s menstrual cycle. ‘Peak fertility’ is considered to be the day before and the day of ovulation. As the egg survives about 24 hours, conception must take place within this narrow window of opportunity. Your fertile period, more generally, begins about five days preceding ovulation and lasts until two days after ovulation.”

App is password protected, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing your data. And you can receive a Push notifications remainder before cycle starts (optionally) to get ready.

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