Latest drop tests: Survival of iPhone XS with multiple drops losses out to Samsung Note 9

There is a drop test in which iPhone-XS/Max kept coming now.  Having said this, two from some of the most popular YouTubers named as JerryRigEverything and PhoneBuff

Zack Nelson, currently is running the JerryRigEverything, YouTube Channel, said the tests have thus proven wrong.

Nelson said he was sceptical about Apple claims because of ‘the most durable glass ever in a smart-phone’. Thus he was not impressed with drop-test of the iPhone X last year.

Thus the start provided with knee-level drops. Since the phone falls out of a pocket is getting out of a car, ended up with head-height drops – as slipped by making a phone call or just by taking a photo. With the addition and some interest, with one unprotected phone is with another in a case.

Thus with this, one notes that after the final drop surprised by the results and no way, still alive, said that royally impressive, with both of the phones functional by having fully with zero damage.

Hence with iPhone XS Max fared less, well in drop-tests carried out by David Rahimi, aka PhoneBuff. Thus making a note, pitted with the larger model against Samsung’s Note 9.

There is an iPhone glass held up better than that of the Samsung device. The last of the four drop tests left a large area of the iPhone touchscreen unresponsive with a rendering of unusable.

Thus with that said, the final scores were close: 37 to the Note 9, 36 to the iPhone XS Max.

With the inclusion of a usual disclaimer, simply with too many variables in drop tests, results might be very meaningful. Thus with this said, this is very indicative of having a proper scientific study, using rigs ensuring identical impacts and averaged results dropping to multiple phones.

Also, there is no denial of the fun watching them; with checking earlier ones here and there.