Latest news about AT&T Pricing for Galaxy Tab leaked

The AT&T pricing for Galaxy Tab are leaked and these newly-leaked rates for data are so high that we might consider living in our car outside Starbucks for their Wi-Fi as an alternative. Well here comes the bad news where the carriers are charging $15/100mb for 1 day, $30/300mb for 7 days, $50/1gb for 30 days. That’s on top of paying $1000 for the Galaxy in the first place. It is possible that a lot of buyers would be turning their back as many don’t see Samsung Galaxy carriers AT&T rate is reasonable, since the device is not exclusive to AT&T.

It was also reported that many of the people are been tired of being locked into restrictive two-year contracts, complain about reception and are fed up with rate hikes. Even the iPad/iPhone users who would like to take their business elsewhere, but can’t. Well, the iPad users do have the option of skipping the 3G service and just going Wi-Fi, which the majorities are obviously doing now, since only 500,000 iPad users have signed with AT&T


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