Latest show of 2018 iPad Pro designs expect to see on October 30

New renders created expectation seeing from the 2018 iPad Pro models unveiled next week. They show much slimmer bezels where there is an expectation of seeing Apple looking to roll out the iPhone X/XS design language with flagship tablets…

With the iPhone which keys to 2018, iPad Pro design with the adoption of Face ID, enabling Apple dropping Home button and slims down bezels on the short sides of the device. Thus, iPhone, however, not expects to see a notch: Apple thus expects able to fit the camera and sensors into the slimmed-down bezels.

Face ID on the year 2018 is where there is an iPad Pro has one advantage over the iPhone: works in landscape with portrait orientation. Apple with a different approach has two models. With the 12.9-inch, iPad Pro leaves the screen size unchanged, using the slimmer bezels reduces exterior dimensions of the device. With the smaller model, Apple with the opposite: leaves the exterior dimensions unchanged, boosts the display size from 10.5-inches to 11-inches.

The combination of new design, more portable 12.9-inch model and increased screen size of the 11-inch version where the 2018 iPad Pro line-up a dramatic upgrade.

Thus it is reported Apple replaces the Lightning socket with a USB-C one, a change I have argued for in the past. I did expect Apple making the move with the iPhone first, in part due to the Apple Pencil needs a pairing via a Lightning connector with a problem believe Apple address with a wireless pairing.

My wallet already braces where the one is definitely buying one of the two models, has to confess I am kind of tempted buying both: the smaller one when mobile, the larger one at home.