You Can Launch Apps And Toggle Settings With New Siri Project

Siri iPhone 4S

Since the launch of iPhone 4S, Siri has always been in news. Sometimes due to its limitations and sometimes due to extraordinary things that it does.

People love this personal assistant inside iPhone 4S. That is why, some hackers tried to enhance its skills and some tried to make it work on older Apple devices after Apple junked the idea to introduce Siri on any device other than iPhone 4S. SiriProxy made Siri do things that one would have never imagined. Then came Spire, that can make Siri work on any iOS device.

Now here is a new project starring the voice control feature called SiriPrefs. This utility would allow you to launch iPhone applications and toggle system settings by using Siri.

According to iPhoneil, an Israel-based iPhone blog, SiriPrefs has been created by Israeli developer Danny Lisiansky. The project’s goal is to make Siri do extraordinary things that are beyond its pre-described abilities. This includes launching applications and opening system settings. You can watch this happening in the following video.

SiriPrefs seems to work well, although the developer says that he is no where near finished with it. It would be interested to see what this developer has in stores. Definitely, he would not like to show us all his cards at once.

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Source: iDownload Blog

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