Lawsuit Filed Against Apple By Agitated iPhone Users

Yesterday we wrote about Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung and how unusual that today we are writing about a lawsuit filed by few agitated iPhone users. Apparently, David Yastarb has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple both individually and on behalf of others in California. The epicentre of the lawsuit is on iOS7 issues and particularly the grayed out issue which happens with wifi and Bluetooth making them unusable. The suit filed is of value more than $5 million.

The lawsuit gives an explanation on the various generation of iPhone’s experiencing reduced functionality due to iOS updates, and necessarily forcing consumers to render their iPhones obsolete, which means consumers get procure a latest one.

The lawsuit also mentions the chronological order of iPhones released every year since inception, and the various updates released between any two generation of iPhone’s. The lengthy lawsuit describes all distinct feature added with every iPhone generation upgrade. Overall, the dispute is trying to explain that all new applications and features are misleading and false, and reasonably likely to deceive the plaintiff and its members.

This issue reminds me about my friend back in year 2006 who bought a black Macbook, everything worked nicely until some issues erupted and he contacted Apple support, to our surprise Apple resolved the complain by upgrading the existing Macbook to a Macbook Pro. How amazing is that? Apple gave a king size support till the complain was resolved.

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