Leaked Photo of iPhone 5 with Elongated Home Button?

A leaked photo with an elongated home button has been out online indicating Wintek manufacturing an iPhone 5. M.I.C Gadget on their site says that someone has tweet on Sina Microblog asserting that this pic should eventually be taken in the Wintek touchscreen plant.

M.I.C also reports that they believe about the leaked photo has been taken from Wintek plant as because Foxconn will never leak an image like this. Well even the site is not 100% sure as whether the pic was taken from Wintek but assure us that it is not from Foxconn.

The pic was first seen on Sina Microblog and was re-posted yesterday on 9to5Mac site. Is quite interesting to hear about the upcoming iPhone 5 with a gesture home button.

Folks what do you think of this image above? Send your views in the space below.

[Via iClarified]

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